Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's so much about values

My first consideration in painting a picture is the pattern of values. 
This is a painting I'm working on for an upcoming exhibit at Lake Tahoe.
Notice how distinct each plane reads as a separate value.
the trees, from the ground, from the water,
 from the distant mountain side, and from the sky.
There are shifts in value within each mass but they maintain a certain inherent value.
Also notice how the trees gradate into the value of the water
and how the water gradates from the value of the mountain side
to a lighter value.
Often the values will connect in someway but are still independent.
Makes for a good relationship!!

"The Overlook" almost finished
I'll post it completed soon.


  1. I can just hear you saying this...and truly believe it. Wonderful job explaining about the importance of values and the relationships! Painting is not too shabby either, Teach!!

  2. Thanks, Jim. Really appreciate talking through the values and pointing to the relationship of these values to the elements in the painting. A beautiful painting Jim!! Love this blog!